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Testimonials-Success Statements by People Who Completed Classes
Here you will find stories of success with program 4 anger management online court ordered anger management class, court ordered co-parenting classes, and online court ordered domestic violence classes. 
I came in to this course having no idea that I would actually really learn USEFUL tools to managing my anger. It seems so common sense-like, but it wasn't easy for me at first. I can tell my family appreciates all the effort I have been putting into controlling my emotions (It's a little more difficult for me sometimes because I am bi-polar.) I really feel like I am well equipped for life now. My past was holding me back. Thank you.
C M in CA

I have learned that taking a time out for myself, will help me act and think more rationally. I have also learned that reflective listening, goes a long way, and I will begin to do that when communicating.
The first thing for myself is RECOGNIZING when I am angry to take a step back by taking a time out,instead of diving right in and yelling because that does not resolve anything. 
The second thing that I feel is important is to verbalize how I am feeling in a respectful manner, I can express the way that I feel in a appropriate way that does not involve my hands, yelling, or shouting. If I feel that this should happen I need to remove myself and revisit it at a later time.
Thank You very much for having such valuable information that I was able to print off and keep so that I can revist if need be. I like that you included telephone numbers of other places that provide help all over the country. IM-Ohio

I completed the on-line Anger Management for Healthy Expression-8 course. The material was easy to read and understand. Not only was the lecture on screen but the website offers the ability to download a .pdf version as well. In my experience, it is best to have a hard copy to study from. Yvonne's program helped me to understand the family dynamics I grew up with in which there was a lot of anger and violence, and to help me get past those old habits of learned (bad) behavior. My goal is to break this vicious cycle so that I do not pass on these tendencies to my children and my other relationships. The program helped me learn how to deal with my anger in a way that is without violence and how I can express myself in a more positive manner. AW-California
I took Yvonne Sinclair’s class, Court Ordered Domestic Violence 12 Class. This class was a very easy to read with big bold print. It was also very easy to understand with a true or false quiz after every class. I feel it was worth the money and I feel it will help me be the person I want to be. When I was finished taking her class I felt must better about myself and realized the mistakes I have made. Thanks to her class I get a fresh start at my life. I would recommend this class to anyone with these problems. Sincerely, David P
Thank you Yvonne for your help in completing these classes timely. I apppreciate your personal touch with respect to Facebook and hope all is well with you - Happy Holidays. Thank you. DC-Arizonia
I really learned a lot about myself and communication skills. This was a good class. Thank You.TG-New Jersey
First, I would like to share how much I have learned through these classes. And I want thank you very much.  I am letting go of annoyances that used to drive me crazy….acknowledging the feeling and then just letting it go peacefully and many times laughing at myself for being so sensitive in the past…laughing out loud and shaking my head at myself. And truly realizing how unimportant or relevant these everyday aggravations are to my core happiness. Also, I am participating and enjoying activities that used to be apart of my life such as cooking, hiking, being uber-creative, spending time with friends and simply just giving myself a break. I am being especially kind and attentive to each individual that crosses my path. And showing true gratefulness to each person who has done something or been kind to me. And, making a true effort to be present and empathetic to all who need me. My outlook has truly changed towards humanity. Again, thank you very much. Kind regards, MK

I want to thank you for designing the course geared towards anger management. Prior to this course I had some unanswered questions within that you helped to clarify. I will definitely be walking away with adding some new tools to my belt from your course. SG-Florida

I am more than pleased with how fact filled, convenient, and user friendly the Manage How to Express Your Anger/Revitalize Your Relationship Online classes were. I enrolled and completed the 12 class online program and not only did I complete the course and leave with knowledge of how to control my anger, it assisted in strengthening my interpersonal skills which helped to create better relationships with friends and family.

I was very impressed with how prompt the webmaster answered my questions via email whenever I needed assistance. In addition, after completion of the course I was promptly provided with my online certificate no less than 48 hours after completion of the course. I would highly recommend this course as the course materials were extremely relevant and a PDF of each lesson is provided so that long after completion of the course you can refer back to the course materials for a refresher. 

Dina W. ?
Thank you your classes really helped now an will contutine to help me in the future with my anger. My relationship with my finace is already great better thank you again.  EH in Illinois
since I have been take these classes it has really change my perspective on life I have had a lot of time to think about what I have done and what I had put them through and it hurts me now knowing this and now everyday I grow a little stronger and happier in my life know that I can change it all and I have been doing every well with my progress I do how ever need more time but I can do this and I will be human once again thank you for these lessons they really helped me out a lot - Alex, Illinois
The lessons are an eye opener to my experiences in the past.  HY
I believe with the material and exercises I can become a better communicator, friend, and overall person. It made me answer some real hard questions about myself and do some soul searching about my current and past relationships. It has also given me invaluable tools to take with me when I find myself in difficult situations. The most important lesson I take away is that the only thing that can be truly controlled in the world is yourself and even that can be a challenge. Thank you for putting together this program. It has truly made a difference.
MB in New Orleans
I have found that since taking these classes I do slow down and realize that I am getting angry and mad and I do take a step back to think before I react. Before I would just out of impulse get mad and angry and do whatever, but now I process what is going on and really think about things. These classes have taught me how to realize what is important in life and that letting my anger get the best of me is only going to get me in trouble and affect the people around me in a negative way. I plan on using the methods Ive learned throughtout these classes to control my anger and prioritize what is important in life. DB from Arizona
While taking the course, I had stated in an email that this class was court ordered because my fiance lied to police and said that I hit her. She has had a long history of depression and alcohol abuse. I was very upset that I needed to take class when it was ordered. But I decided to take it with an open mind and try to learn things I can apply to my life. Not only did I learn so much I never knew, I was able to have discussions with my fiance about the lessons that helped her as well. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't need this all together. Even though I don't have a problem controlling my anger, I read a few things that I was guilty of in my life. I also learned ways to communicate and understand people that may be struggling with anger. I highly recommend this company. The material  was very easy to understand and explained how to apply it to your everyday life. Thank you, RW in California.
This class was the perfect class for me, I have a very unpredictable schedule and could not have made it to any ordinarily scheduled class. I was able to travel across the world and still fulfill my commitments to my Court Ordered Classes. Anytime I had issues, and there were a few with the program, you were easy to contact by email and resolved any problems quickly. I found the Classes easy to read and understand. They made me take a good hard look at myself, my situation, and what got me to this place in my life. My wife and I are working hard to understand each other and working towards a long lasting future. Thank You Yvonne. DB in CA
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