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Personal Assistance with Class
Personal Assistance with Class
*The price of each class does not include time to help with problems that are remedied through the instructions on the website. 
*This additional services fee includes, up to four short (2-3 sentences), email responses to problems with navigating the class process or logging in, that can be resolved by watching the tutorial. For instance, finding the URL for the class with which you want to continue, and checking to see how many classes  you have completed. Resending passwords and/or certificates, changing your email address, checking to see if your password functions for me - more than twice, and repeated emails asking for help without watching the tutorial or paying attention to the instructions at the top of most pages. 

Help with internet issues on your end or you lack of expertise with internet use is not included.

*One time help with information about a class for court, your attorney, or any other entity. This includes class description, certification, or other information about the classes, when it is available for you to copy paste from the website. Information needed must be two printed pages (14 font) or less. 

By the time you are asked to purchase additional services, I have usually spend at least an hour helping you with issues you could find on your own.
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