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Domestic Violence/Batterer's-18 Class Court Ordered Class with Certificate
Domestic Violence/Batterer's-18 Class Court Ordered Class with Certificate

These classes cover domestic violence cycle, effects of children, why spouses stay, healing process, communication, fair fighting, time out rules, family of origin issues, co-dependant behaviors, control and personal rights and boundaries, anger management for healthy expression, anger triggers, self soothing methods, how depression effects your control, co-dependent behaviors, self care related to you and violence, prevention of child sexual abuse, self esteem, parenting, marital rape, empathy, dynamics of offender behavior, the magnitude of domestic violence, recognizing domestic violence, safety plan for not reoffending, and much more.

Free email certificate. The certificate will be emailed to you. We attempt to verify completion of classes, create and send certificates within hours of your request. Easy to read and assimilate into your life the tools offered are time tested and effective. Written by Yvonne Sinclair M.A., CAMI-1, Licensed Counselor in California, teaching and counseling anger management and domestic violence issues since 1993.

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Certificate is emailed free

Once your payment is complete E.Vaughn Enterprises will get that notice and send your password  within hours, usually much sooner. You can message us at any time with questions or comments. Response is usually fast.

Hard Copy certificate can be purchased for $29 and will mail to you Priority USPS. turned away. 

Each jurisdiction has boundaries around online and/or long distance learning. Our certificates have never been turned away from a jurisdiction that accepts online learning.
Courses for court ordered Domestic Violence provides access to the domestic violence class, an educational program that may be required by the court. Our domestic violence class has been written to meet national standards and is recognized by courts that allow distance learning.

This course for domestic violence program provides content authored by a licensed mental health counselor with years of experience in treating anger management and abuse. Course content is written with the intent to meet court requirements. We also recommend the domestic violence class for personal growth. We believe in the quality of our program and guarantee that our certificate of completion will be accepted by court jurisdictions that allow online long distance learning or your money back.

 Payment for class will not be refunded for misunderstanding or missing the information about verifying with your court as to accepting online classes, or required time for qualifying for certificate of completion. If you purchased this class with someone else's credit card, we will need a notarized letter from them stating they gave you permission to purchase this class with their card before a certificate can be issued.

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