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Effective Communication and Fair Fighting Video Class
Effective Communication and Fair Fighting Video Class

 Communication can be the most important aspect of any relationship. Communication is the key to letting others know how we feel and what we need. We communicate in many ways. Our body language and our walk can communicate who we are, how we are feeling, and the condition of our health. Our eyes communicate feelings and opinions. Even sighs and groans communicate. The way we touch, or do not touch, tells others about us. Our words are not the only communication tools we use.

We will address how to learn to use our words in order to communicate in a way others can hear. We will also learn to communicate in a way that will allow us to feel heard. In an assertive way that gets our needs and wishes heard and perhaps met in a healthy way that will enhance your relationship and bring you closer together. Remember, you may agree to disagree, there is no wrong, just right and right. You can experience the same event and have a totally different memory of the event. Not right and wrong but different.

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