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Parents Instructional Guide Online Anger Management Instructional Course
anger management for parents on audio book CD with workbook

Anger Management Supportive
Instructional Guide
for Parents
on audio book with workbook

This is a 50 minute audio book and supportive instructional workbook for Parents.

This parent's instructional program is meant to inform parents about the program their teen or child is using.You can follow the instructions your child is receiveing and support positive behavior changes. This parent program can, however, be used alone.
You, as a parent can model the anger expression you wish. You will learn everything your child is learning. Parenting tips are included in the audio book.

This is what you will discover:
Anger is just an emotion it is what you child does with it that gets them into trouble.
The difference in aggression, passive behavior, and assertive behavior.
How to keep your power and stay cool, while expressing your anger.
Ways to sooth yourself and keep the anger level down.
Ways to vent and express your anger.
How to use your words to keep your power.
How to fight fair to resolve issues.
Some communication skills to express your needs.
Communication skills to talk so they will listen, and listen so they will talk and more.
Download audio book and PDF workbook immediately upon purchase.

Anger Mangement for Parents on audio book with workbook.
This is a 50 minute audio book and supportive instructional workbook for Parents.

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