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Frequently Asked Questions about Court Ordered Online Classes

How do I get a certificate sent in the mail?

A hard copy certificate with Yvonne's personal signiture can be purchased on the product page. It will be sent to you within 48 hours Priority Mail. 

Why did I not automatically receive my certificate?

Certificates are hand created and sent to your email inbox within 48 hours of your completion of your class. Yvonne tries to be quick and your certificate may come within hours of your finishing.

Can I copy the class?

All lessons including lesson One will come with a PDF of this lesson. We recommend you print out the lesson for your own information and to review later. Also included in the intro for each lesson will be the URL for that lesson. Keep this URL, it is the only way you can return to this lesson. Lessons are not listed in the navigation.

What will my certificate say?

Our certificate of completion will state the number of classes and the class you completed. It will include our contact information. It will have your name and Yvonne Sinclair’s credentials. If you have a hard copy, it will have Yvonne Sinclair’s personal signature.

Are the classes an hour long each?

The class is written to average an hour for each class. Some people are quicker than others with reading and comprehension. But it is intended to be equal to an hour class. Courses for court  provides access to the specific class, an educational program that may be required in your state. Our classes have been written to meet national standards and is recognized by courts that allow long distance learning.

Can I pay on the phone?

No. The website is set up with a company who takes the credit card information. 

Why is my credit card not going through?

If you put the exact information matching your credit card account, and the amount or sale is approved by your card company, it will be a settled purchase.

Will you call or email my attorney or PO?

Yes, you can purchase that additional service on the products page of this website. 

Will you help me with problems I have in taking the class.

If your problems are not connected to the websites service, Yes, you can purchase that additional service on the products page of this website. 

When will my password come?

Once your payment is complete E.Vaughn Enterprises will get that notice and send your password  within hours, usually much sooner. You can message us at any time with questions or comments. Response is usually fast.

How do I pay for the class?

To purchase you can pay using our secure form. Payment can be made on Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal.

I need a proof of enrollment quickly, how do I get that?

You can download a free proof of enrollment letter once you have competed your purchase.  You are welcome to print out materials and lessons for your own information and review.  If you have paid for the additional service, a Judge, Attorney, Employer or other legal entity can contact us at any time using the contact us page on this website.
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