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Qualifications of Courses for Court

Information about these programs for Judge, Attorney, or Cou

Domestic Violence/Anger Management is a comprehensive set of lessons on the etiology and prognosis of domestic violence. This program includes anger management and effects of domestic violence on children. The step by step guide in these domestic violence and anger management classes offer insight and exercises for behavior change that actually work.

Learn how to practice and integrate healthy and effective ways to express your angry feelings.
Experience new behaviors to control anger and manage stress.
You will be pleased with the outcome upon completion of our online court ordered anger management self-help program.
Goals of these programs: To demonstrate that anger is a force that can be used for good when healthy strategies thinking are in place.
To reduce levels of anger in provocative situations and to learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation and to resolve conflicts.
These online court ordered anger management courses will teach you to turn anger into healthy, productive skills such as:
*conflict resolution 
*effective communication

Court Ordered Domestic Violence/Anger Management for Healthy Expression
Classes include:Introduction to healthy anger expression.
Notice your feeling.
Becoming aware of anger early.
Discussion of domestic violence.
Express yourself in a way that does not get you into trouble.
Communication for assertive anger expression. 
Self-talk increases your angry feeling.Directions for changing self-talk to positive.
Discussion of distorted thinking patterns.
What’s bugging you?Effective communication.Fair fighting.
Resolution not revolution. 
Ways to keep anger from exploding.
Time out rules.
Family of origin issueHow what you learned growing up affects your behaviors now.
Dometic Violence cycle.Effects of Domestic Violence on children.
Dynamics of Molest and how to keep your children safe.
Why do spouses stay in an abusive relationship?
Healing from domestic violence.

Court Ordered and Employee Ordered Online Domestic Violence and Anger Management Classes, 
Group, and Individual Anger Management.
Our Mission is to rehabilitate and restore the lives of individuals who have committed domestic crimes and to break the cycle of destructive behavior resulting from an inability to manage anger.

Court Ordered Classes provides effective domestic violence, anger management, and battery offender behavior change tools. Our goal to stop the violence that results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships and other oppressions by helping offenders gain insight into their violent domestic crimes, victimizations, and their potential consequences.
Court Ordered Classes offenders with some new "tools" that they can use to better manage their anger and aggression. Therefore, it is the mission of Program 4Anger Management Classes assist in allowing major societal changes necessary to stop personal and societal violence against all people. We strive to help our clients develop the critical skills they need to maintain a non destructive lifestyle, It is hoped that the skills learned during these programs will last a lifetime.

It is your responsibility to check with the judge or your attorney as to whether a distance learning program (online anger management, domestic violence, and co-parenting classes) will meet the court requirement. There is no refund for classes. E.Vaughn Enterprises offers Online Court Ordered Anger Management Certificate Courses and Programs for individuals who are personally motivated to learn new skills for controlling anger or who are mandated by employers, courts, schools, businesses, or any other institution to complete an anger management program.
Payment will not be refunded for unfinished classes. Certificate will be awarded only when class is completely paid in full.Email certificate is free upon completion of paid in full classes, seven days after completion of the paid in full class. Payment for class will not be refunded for misunderstanding or missing the information about verifying with your court as to accepting online classes, or required time for qualifying for certificate of completion.
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