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Domestic Violence/Anger Management for Court – Lesson 50

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URL for Lesson Fifty, http://www.program4angermanagement.com/dv50

Domestic Violence/Anger Management for Court – Lesson 50

Explore and Practice Self-care

By Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT
In this lesson I would like you to explore and practice self-care. You will be given three homework suggestions. Your “Quiz” will be telling me about these three assignments and how it felt to complete them.

1.      Do something nice for yourself. Something that pleases you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here are some suggestions (given I don’t know you, please use these as a jumping off place):
*Buy a good book and take time to read it
*Take time for a bike ride or walk in an area that is soothing
*Take your significant other out to eat in a new romantic unusual place
*Buy massage oil and candles for you and your partner
*Take a blanket into the yard at night and lay there with your partner admiring the stars
*Get a foot massage
*Get a hair cut in a place where they massage your scalp etc.
*In other words pamper yourself
2.    Do something for your significant other, your child, or a friend using their love language.
3.     Take a personality test and discover your personality uniqueness.
http://www.keirsey.com Take the complete test and pay to obtain all four of the letters.

http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/ here is where you find your love language. This one is free.
Have fun.

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