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Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps, Anger Management

Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps. Anger Management.

Anger management methods, time tested & effective. Keep your power, stay cool. Seven Quick & Easy Steps to in control.
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Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps. Anger Management.

Anger management methods, time tested & effective. Keep your power, stay cool. Seven Quick & Easy Steps to in control.
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Course Description

Anger is a response to what life brings or what happens around us. Everyone has reasons to be angry from time to time. There are many injustices in the world. Sometimes anger is justified. Our angry feelings are a red flag that we perceive an event as not fair or not right. The anger is not what gets us into trouble. What causes problems is a destructive response to our anger. What we do with anger and how we express anger determine if the outcome is positive or negative. The best predictor to a positive outcome is your willingness to take an honest look at the consequences to your anger expression and to examine your process of how you express this negative emotion.

This class will give you tools to express your anger in a healthy manner. Real time tested effective anger management methods to keep your cool. Communicate effectively, stay calm, lower stress, lower anxiety, keep your power feelings, and stay out of trouble.

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What are the requirements?

  • You only need to know you want to be able to understand your anger and have the ability to expressing it in a way that does not hurt anyone, anything, or get you into trouble.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 9 lectures and 40 mins of content!
  • Identify angry feelings early and learn steps they can take to keep the angry feelings from escalating.
  • Understand how self talk and triggers can fuel angry feelings.
  • Learn methods to cool angry feelings after they have started.
  • Learn to communicate so they feel heard and increase the ability to get their needs met.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who feels they would like tools to decrease angry out burts and increase the ability to express anger appropriately.


Section 1: Introduction to Anger Management
Section 2: Step ONE Anger Explored
Section 3: Step TWO...noticing your anger
Section 4: Step THREE...expressing early
Section 5: Step FOUR -Anger Management Triggers
Section 6: Step FIVE -Self Talk for Anger Management
Section 7: Step SIX -Get Physical for Anger Management.
Section 8: Step SEVEN -Anger Management Communication Skills
Section 9: Final Anger Management review

Instructor Biography

Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, Couples Help for 22 yrs, Anger Specialist , Certified Anger Management Specialist with NAMA

Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, CAMS1, CDVS1

*Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counseling-CA, *Certified Anger Management Specialist, *Certified Domestic Violence Specialist, *Masters in Counseling Psychology,*Director of Lincoln Counseling Center, Lincoln, CA, *Certified Sand Tray World Play Therapist, *Author, *Webmaster.

Hi! I am Yvonne Sinclair. This year marks my fiftieth year in the healing professions. I have been teaching anger management and revitalizing the lives of couples since 1993. I have training and expertise in abuse counseling. I am the author of several court ordered classes on my website. In my private practice I work with parents, foster parents, co-parenting for divorced parents, single parents, and grandparents caring for grandchildren.

I have seen a little of life and my life experience and successful career assist in knowing what tools you might need to acquire the relationship happiness you are seeking.

After 30 years in the physical healing professions, I realized healing our inner self was of utmost importance. Physical health is affected by our emotional health and vice versa. I listened to my patients tell about relationship, family, and personal concerns. I did not have the knowledge to help them and decided I wanted to do just that. I am now a Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor in California with a Master in Counseling Psychology.

My need to change my life work and the adventure of completing that process helps me support clients in their need for change. I have lived on a farm, and in a city. I have both been married and lived alone. I have had a soul mate connection and a bad choice for relationship. I have lost a love and know the deep pain that accompanies that loss. I am a parent of two children and a Nana of four. I have been a parent, step-parent, and foster parent.

The Reason I Became a Health Professional

Being a healer, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, is a rewarding path. Assisting others in finding their inner true self, their "muchness" is what I am all about. I enjoy watching another soul discover they are wonderful, worth loving, and outstanding. Guiding that soul to themselves is a joyful ecstatic experience for me.

It makes my day to be contacted by former clients to be told they are doing wonderfully well. I will welcome the chance to add you to the successful clients I have known.

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    • Daniel

    Simple, straightforward, skills you can use right away

    Terrific course! No fluff, all meat. Yvonne put together an amazing course everyone should watch once. It's all so simple but she packed tons of quick and easy simple techniques to help you recognize, express, and control your anger in healthy and relationship building ways. You cna use this with a spouse, your kids or at work. This isn't some mickey mouse course someone slapped together by some amateur. Yvonne is clearly an expert educated to teach anger management. Watch it. You'll be quickly impressed by her professional and insightful delivery of this life changing information. A well deserved 5 stars. Thank you Yvonne.

    • Cindy Sharp

    Easy to understand and start to put in place....

    I leard some new things to start watching when I am getting upset, I think this will really help my husband and I to comunicate better! Thank you
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