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Seriously Yummy Wheat Free and Dairy Free Foods eCookbook

ABSOLUTE PERFECTION wheat/dairy free easy recipes.

SALE $45 VALUE FOR $9.99

What people are saying about this cookbook 
I just read my new cookbook! Cream Cheese frosting/chocolate frosting/

enchiladas....yum!!!!! Thanks for making that happen!!!!'"   J
If you are in the market for a wheat/dairy free cookie or cake recipe this cookbook has that and tons more. 
103 pages  Seriously Yummy Wheat and Dairy Free Foods-eCookbook is just in time 
 for the Holidays.

All deceptively delicious. 

You will not believe they are wheat and dairy free. Spongy soft bread, delectable cakes,
scrumptious cookies, and delicious pasta recipes.
Lots more is included; ice cream, unique main dishes, luscious lasagna. 
If you choose a wheat/dairy free diet, or need to be wheat/dairy free, this cookbook is right for you.

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