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Helpful tips for Calm Kids
Helpful tips for Calm Kids-The CALM DOWN JAR


Written by contributor Melissa Allen of Green Owl Art.

If your child is like mine and time-outs only cause a bigger eruption of emotions and never seem to work the way intended this can be a great tool. When Emma needs a moment to herself (to put in nicely) I ask her to sit with her calm down jar for a few minutes and come find me when she sees most of the glitter fall to the bottom. She usually starts off by giving it a good shake, this helps get some of that frustration out. Then she sits memorized by all the glitter falling to the bottom. By the time I get my over tired and emotional child back, she is ready for a cuddle. Yes, it’s not magic, but it seems to help smooth things out. It is actually pretty relaxing for me to watch as well.

I had Emma help make it and explained to her what her special calming jar was. This was a good opportunity for us to chat about feelings and good ways to express them.

Small jar- make sure it’s one that will hold liquid tightly
2 tubes of glitter glue
Half a tube of glitter
A few drops of food color
This is pretty simple: just add everything to the jar. Use warm water and give it a good shake to get the glue mixed in well. I had Emma help me by adding all the materials and of course the shaking. Bring on the peace!
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