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Online Anger Management Program with Anger Specialist

Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, CAMS -1, CDVS1

Yvonne Sinclair holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Yvonne Sinclair is credentialed as a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-1). Certified Domestic Violence Speicalist (CDVS-1). She is also a member of the National Anger Management Association. Yvonne Sinclair has authored educational materials which have reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Certificates verifying successful completion of programs she has written are widely accepted by most U.S. Court Judicial Districts. Yvonne is a member of CAMFT and AAMFT, state and national counseling organizations. She has developed anger management programs and group studies for local counseling agencies. Yvonne has been teaching anger management and working with abuse in families since 1993. 

Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, CAMS -1, CDVS-1

Certified Anger Management Specialist
Certified Domestic Violence Specialist
National Anger Management Association

Yvonne Sinclair M.A., MFCC CAMS

Masters in Counseling Psychology
Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor in California

NPI 1184766982

*Anger Management Program to Keep Your Power- an Online Anger Mangement Program on Audiobook CD
*Court ordered Anger Management for Healthy Expression
*Court ordered Domestic Violence Classes

*Online Co-Parenting Classes

*How To Revitalize Your Relationship-A Step by Step Guide
*How to Play (and Work) Well with Others
*Healing after Infidelity
 *Taming Angry Kids

*The Anger Scoop for Teens
*Anger Instructions and Support for Parents 

Yvonne's message; 

I have seen a little of life and my experience and successful career assist me in knowing what tools you might need to acquire the relationship happiness you are seeking.

After 30 years in the physical healing professions, I realized healing our inner self was of utmost importance. Physical health is affected by our emotional health and vice versa. I listened to my patients tell about relationship, family, and personal concerns. I did not have the knowledge to help them and decided I wanted to do just that. I became a licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor in California with a Master in Counseling Psychology. This year marks my forty-eighth year in the healing professions.
My need to change my life work and the adventure of completing that process helps me support clients in their need for change. I have lived on a farm, in a small town, and in a city. I have both been married and lived alone. I have had a soul mate connection as well as bad choice for relationship. I have lost a love and know the deep pain that accompanies that loss. I am a parent of two successful children and a "Nana" of four. I have also been a step-parent, and foster parent.

The Reason I Became a Health Professional

Being a healer, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, is a rewarding path. Assisting others in finding their inner true self, their (for want of a better word) "muchness" is what I am all about. I enjoy watching another soul discover they are wonderful, worth loving, and outstanding. Guiding that soul to themselves is a joyful experience for me.

It makes my day to be contacted by former clients and to be told they are doing wonderfully well. I will welcome the chance to add you to the list of successful clients I have known.
My programs are based on methods successfully used by thousands.

In my private counseling practice I see children, families, couples, and individuals. I address most issues around relationships, healing from abuse, parenting, anger management, and many others. I have created retreats and workshops for couples and singles. My celebrated couples retreats and workshops address counseling issues about relationship enhancement, sensual safe touch, tools for communication, and self actualization.

I have a passion for helping my clients attain joy. I have studied several modalities and draw from them to show you the way to love. I delight finding and offering tools that will help my clients grow and find happiness. In my face to face counseling I may use art therapy, hypnotherapy, talk therapy, play therapy, or sand tray therapy. I draw from this same knowledge base in the creation of my books and self-help products.


Having the right tools is important in whatever you are seeking to accomplish. I am a little like the hardware store. I have tools for you. Tools to help you get your relationship, not only on track, but headed in the right direction. Tools to assist in healthy expression of anger. Tools to make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful. The tools I offer in my private practice and self help online programs are the tools I have found, over the years, to be successful in helping my clients achieve their goals for love and inner strength.


A great soul mate connection often just happens, but keeping that connection alive and sizzling takes attention and the right ingredients. I enjoy seeing couples come together with the help of my tools. I know the secrets to a happy sexessful marriage. Love happens. Watching the hope return and hearing how communication improved or the emotional intimacy had deepened tells me the tools offered where just right.

My Step by Step Guide to Relationship Healing and Enhancement begins with effective communication training, leads you through fair fighting, healthy anger expression, family of origin issues, control, all the way to HOT monogamy. Each chapter is offered with step by step instructions and exercises to help assimilate the new ideas and behaviors into your life.
Anger Management
The format of my anger management programs has been used by thousands to successfully change their way of expressing anger. My anger management includes programs for children, teens, and adults. I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist with the National Anger Management Association. My self help programs also embrace the time tested effective methods I have found successful in my private practice. My website offers court ordered anger management, co-parenting, and domestic violence online classes.
Free Help

On my websites I offer free help in the form of articles, information, explanation and examination for depression, and resourceful links. You will find information on health, happiness, counseling, relationships, parenting, diet, and fun. Feel free to take your time and browse through to see what tips you will find to increase your happiness with helpful products and free articles. YvonneSinclair.com will introduce you to me.

Mission Statement 
Our mission for this Website is to offer online anger management help with anger advice for any individual at a affordable cost with easy access to information and personal assistance if you wish.
Court mandated classes are quality lessons with exercises to increase your anger control.
You are in charge of the pace of your growth and change.
You are in charge of which tools from this anger management counseling course you incorporate into your life.
In addition to the information available you have an experienced Anger Specialist Couples Counselor available to ask a question or schedule a session for anger management help.
Our mission is to offer inexpensive anger management information, online anger management counseling, anger tips, and anger techniques that are  easily used with a real person to support if needed.
Our Mission is to rehabilitate and restore the lives of individuals who have committed domestic crimes and to break the cycle of destructive behavior resulting from an inability to manage anger. Court Ordered Classes provides effective domestic violence, anger management, and battery offender behavior change tools. Our goal to stop the violence that results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships and other oppressions by helping offenders gain insight into their violent domestic crimes, victimizations, and their potential consequences.  

Court Ordered Classes offers new "tools" that can used to better manage their anger expression and change aggressive behaviors to assertive. Therefore, it is the mission of Program 4Anger Management Classes to assist in allowing major societal changes necessary to stop personal and societal violence against all people. We strive to help our clients develop the critical skills they need to maintain a non destructive lifestyle, It is hoped that the skills learned during these programs will last a lifetime.
Yvonne Sinclair's Expertise includes;
—Anger Management for adults and children
—Couples Counseling 
—Relationship Enhancement and Healing
—Abuse Counseling
—Domestic Violence
—Mood Disorders
(including Depression)
—Sexual and Sexuality Issues
Yvonne Sinclair M.A. has been teaching anger management since 1993, in her private practice and as a workshop addressing anger for children.
Yvonne Sinclair M.A. has been counseling couples, families, individuals, and children, since 1993.
Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor
Licensed in the State of California
Master in Counseling Psychology, National University, Graduated with "Distinction" in 1995.
B.A. in Dental Hygiene, Loma Linda University
Associations: California Association of Marriage Family Therapists,
American Association of Marriage Family Therapists
National Anger Management Association Specialist

As a counseling specialist with 17 years of experience, Yvonne is passionate about offering counseling services that quickly solve problems. 

E.Vaughn Enterprises offers Online Court Ordered Anger Management Certificate Courses and Programs for individuals who are personally motivated to learn new skills for controlling anger or who are mandated by employers, courts, schools, businesses, or any other institution to complete an anger management program.
 These methods for anger management are time tested and truly work.

This is a self-help Anger Management Counseling or Anger Counseling service Online Anger Management Expression Help site with experienced professional support available.

Payment will not be refunded for unfinished classes. Certificate will be awarded only when class is completely paid in full. Email certificate is free upon completion of paid in full classes or within seven days of beginning the paid in full class, whichever is longest.

Payment for class will not be refunded for misunderstanding or missing the information about required time for qualifying for certificate of completion.
It is your responsibility to check with the judge or your attorney as to whether a distance learning anger management program (online anger management classes) will meet the court requirement.

Payment will not be refunded for your inability to utilize the internet or your inability to understand how to access a website and return. Payment will not be refunded for buyers remorse. This website is very inclusive of information about these classes and payment will not be refunded because the buyer neglected to read applicable information.

 SALE $25 8-class-Online Court Ordered, Quick Easy.. Free certificate anger management, domestic violence batterer's class, co-parenting, A trusted and reliable program for online classes at the most competitive prices. Widely accepted by courts and employers..

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