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Personal Rights, Boundaries, & Control in Relationship. download audio book  (28.47 minutes)
Personal Rights, Boundaries, & Control in Relationship. download audio book  (28.47 minutes)
 Personal Rights & Control. download audio book  (28.47 minutes)
Feel in control of your life. Be aware of your own rights and be able to express your needs and wishes-28.47 minute audio book program.

Can you really control another person? What are your personal rights within a relationship? This audiobook discusses personal rights and identification, establishing, and defending personal boundaries. This audiobook contains an exploration irrational ideas and distorted thinking, explanation of "Control" and what that truly means (including the two dimensions of control), a list of nurturing and non-nurturing boundaries, discussion of relationship boundaries and how they differ from personal boundaries.

Included in this audiobook you will find a relationship satisfaction” evaluation form. Maximizing your similarities and appreciating your differences is discussed. This concept will give your relationship help and allow you to be individuals within your relationship. The audiobook ends with suggested promises to make to yourself.

Personal Rights are real. You have them in and out of a relationship. Discover what they are and what to do with them and about them.

Authored by experienced Couples Counselor, Yvonne Sinclair M.A., Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Download after purchase. Don't miss the DOWNLOAD when you check out. Download after purchase is available on your receipt.  If you wish this program on CD's that are mailed to you, email me at and we can arrange an additional $17 payment for product and postage.

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