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Workshop-Couples Counseling, Relationship Revitalization Workshop-6 Hours
This course is authored and facilitated by-
Yvonne Sinclair M.A., MFCC, CAMS                              
Director of Lincoln Counseling Center, Lincoln, CA
Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor -State of California 
Certified Anger Management Specialist
Certified Domestic Violence Specialist
with National Anger Management Association|
Certified Sand Tray World Play Therapist
Master in Counseling Psychology

 Relationship Counseling for Couples-Basic Guide in Healing and Enhancing Relationship.

Comprehensive guide for therapists to utilize in couples relationship counseling. This workshop gives step by step instructions on how to assist couples in taking their relationship from breaking up to hot monogamy. Begins with communication exercises, fair fighting, family of origin issues are explored, domestic violence and anger management are addressed, personal boundaries, and control are included. This is a basic guide for healing and enhancing a couple’s relationship.

Communication:  Feel heard when you talk. Communicate effectively. Talk so they will listen; your communication will quickly and easily become effective. Use this easy to follow format to change your communication style quickly. You and your significant other will be able to sit and talk about anything. You will feel heard and work through issues that were never resolved. Communication styles are explained in this section of the program. Easy to follow forms are included. You will be able to communicate in all aspects of your life. Every relationship will be more open and feel great.

Fighting-resolution vs revolution: You will no longer be fearful about bringing up subjects that are bothering you. Arguing turns into resolved issues. You will no longer have revolution in your life. This part of the relationship healing program helps to change the pattern of arguing to "no where" into feeling the subject was complete and resolved. Fair fighting rules are submitted. Unfair fighting patterns are addressed. 'Direct instructions for resolution are included. Learn the most productive ways to resolve marital conflict. Feel good about discussing issues. 

Anger Management in seven easy steps: You can keep your cool. You will never again give away your power. You will express your angry feeling in a way that does not get you into trouble. Anger is a normal emotion. Stuffing our anger can actually make us physically sick. In this program you will learn easy steps to healthy expression. You will easily change your way of handling your mad feelings. Instead of losing your cool, hurting others, hurting yourself, loosing respect, you will be able to express yourself in a way that feels good. You will feel you have been able to be angry, get it out, feel heard, and move on. Anger is expressed in a way that issues can be discussed calmly. 

Domestic Violence: You will be stronger and have a plan to stop the hurt or find safety. Included, in this marriage healing program, is a discussion of domestic violence and a plan to help you change your abusive relationship. Domestic Violence is not only physical abuse. After this section of the program you will understand the destruction produced when a relationship is violent. You will learn all the violent patterns and abuse behaviors. Your children will no longer be subject to the effect of domestic violence on them. This part of the healing program explains the patterns and reasons people will stay in an abusive relationship, how to take steps to change that abuse, and resources for help.

Family of Origin Issues: No longer will you take care of others "stuff." You will be able to keep your "basket" of issues clearly about you. Do you want to be "just like them?"  You can or you can choose to be different. You will understand, with this part of the enhancement program, how the issues, dynamics, and behaviors of the family where you grew up can influence and "muck up" your current relationships. You will learn how your family of origin influences color your happiness or unhappiness now. What are the "issues" in your basket? What "stuff" do you keep there? You will be able to take out of your "basket" the issues that are not yours to deal with. Molest issues and abuse behaviors are reviewed in this part of the healing program. You can keep the behaviors and dynamics you like and want to nurture. You can change the ones you have been taught, modeled, or given that you do not like. 

Co-dependent: Co-dependent behaviors may sabotage your current relationship. No longer will you feel drained and empty. Are you a caretaker? You can take care of your own needs first so that there is some "you" left to share with others. This healing section will explain the difference in taking care of and care taking. You will be able to choose what behaviors will be healthy for you and your relationships and which ones you want to change. You will grow into a strong healthy caring person. You will have behaviors that nurture you along with the people you care about.

Personal Rights and Boundaries: Be in control of your own life. Feel in charge and free. This program explores the myth about control over others. What are our personal rights within a relationship? Should we have "personal" boundaries when we love someone and want to be with them. What are healthy relationship boundaries. Do you respect yourself and others rights? Find all the answers here. 

Romance, Joy, and Ecstasy are added to your relationship with the final chapter, hot monogamy.  Got Hot? Get some here. Your relationship will sizzle now. Your emotional intimacy will deepen, sex will be more fulfilling. You will put the "fun" back in functional. Restore the "in love" feeling to your relationship with the explicit exercises and suggestions in this part of the enhancement program.     
 Course meets the qualifications for continuing education credits for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  This clinician is no longer a "certified" CEU provider. Your certificate will state number of "training" hours.

Workshops held at Lincoln Counseling Center, 898 5th Street, Lincoln, CA 95648. 

Refunds are given if the course is canceled. Spots for attendance will only be held for paid workshops. Certificates are awarded at the end of the day.  If you are an agency and would like the course taught at your facility arrangements can be made. 

Check calendar and course description for dates scheduled or email requests. 
Email for information. Add your email address to the mailing list for updates. 

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