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Workshop-Level One, Experiential Sand Tray World Play for Therapists-6 Hours

 Experiential Sand Tray World for the Therapist and Counselors
Experiential  Sand Tray Workshop Level ONE -6-Training Hours

Level One. This class offers personal experience in sand tray as a client and as a counselor. You will experience the power of this modality, practice holding the safe space for the client. This workshop includes information about the history of sand tray, how to set up a sand tray therapy area, the images and supplies you will need, and a format to facilitate the sand tray world play experience. Here you will be able to experience for yourself various aspects of carefully guided work with the sand, water, images, imaginal thinking processes, modes of perception, memory, observation and full psychophysiospiritual experiencing. If you are interested in how sand tray works and want to experience it for yourself, this is the workshop for you. This medium of creative exploration and experimentation allow children of all ages access to the possibility of becoming a creative, responsible, fulfilled, and kind human being. Level one and two are held at 898 5th Street, Lincoln, CA 95648.

Sand tray therapy is a nonverbal, non rational form of therapy. Sand tray therapy reaches a profound preverbal level of the psyche. Sand tray is a unique, dramatic, muti-dimensional form of individualized creativity. Its purpose is to provide access to the innate healing and growth functions that are present in the human psyche.

Sand tray therapy provides a bridge between an individual’s unique intropsychic reality and the reality of the outer world.  It provides a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious aspects of the psyche, a bridge into the world of feelings, creating, and centering the self on a journey to the inner world.

This course is an experiential course for all therapists and therapy students. It will provide sand tray therapy information, requirements for successful sand tray therapy, and an outline for a sand tray therapy session, and personal experience in developing a sand tray world and processing with a client.

 Phases of experiential sand tray.

History of sand tray world play. Exploring different methods of sand tray therapy. Discussion of materials needed, categories of items needed for the client. Therapist as facilitator and safe space holder.

Building phase.
Choosing the sand, texture and color, wet or dry. Choosing items to build your world. When are you done? Staying out of your head. Directed and non directive sand tray world.

First experiencing phase.
Being with your world. Letting the feelings come to the surface. Staying in the moment.

Therapist-client experiencing phase.
How to help your client process their sand tray world. Helping them stay out of their head. Keeping your "stuff" out of the process. Finishing the experience.

Photographing phase.
Understanding the photographing process and need.

Dismantling the world phase.
Feeling the difference in dismantling yourself and letting someone else dismantle. Understanding the difference and need to allow the client to left the sand tray stay.

 Each participant will experience building and processing a personal sand tray world. Each participant will experience keeping the safe space and assisting another in exploring their sand tray world.

Course meets the qualifications for continuing education credits for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  This clinician is no longer a "certified" CEU provider. Your certificate will state number of "training" hours.

Workshops held at Lincoln Counseling Center, 898 5th Street, Lincoln, CA 95648. 

Refunds are given if the course is canceled. Spots for attendance will only be held for paid workshops. Certificates are awarded at the end of the day.  If you are an agency and would like the course taught at your facility arrangements can be made. 

Check calendar and course description for dates scheduled or email requests. 
Email for information. Add your email address to the mailing list for updates. 

Space is limited. Purchase to save a space.
This course is authored and facilitated by-Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, CAMS, CDVS                             
Director of Lincoln Counseling Center, Lincoln, CA
Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor -State of California 
Certified Anger Management Specialist and
Certified Domestic Violence Specialist with
the National Anger Management Association|
Certified Sand Tray World Play Therapist
Master in Counseling Psychology

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