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Keep Your Cool
Self Help Anger Management to Revitalize Your LIfe

This class will give you tools to express your anger in a healthy manner. Real time tested effective anger management methods to keep your cool. Communicate effectively, stay calm, lower stress, lower anxiety, keep your power feelings, and stay out of trouble. Authored and Narrated by Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, Certified Anger Management and Certified Domestic Violence Specialist. All contents are copyright and all rights reserved. Sharing and/or duplicating explicitly prohibited. Learn to communicate so you feel heard and increase the ability to get your needs met.

  • Identify angry feelings early and learn steps you can take to keep the angry feelings from escalating.
  • Understand how self talk and triggers can fuel angry feelings.
  • Learn methods to cool angry feelings after they have started.

Seven Steps to Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps

Keep Your Cool in Seven Easy Steps
Anger is a response to what life brings or what happens around us. Everyone has reasons to be angry from time to time. There are many injustices in the world. Sometimes anger is justified. Our angry feelings are a red flag that we perceive an event as not fair or not right. The anger is not what gets us into trouble. What causes problems is a destructive response to our anger. What we do with anger and how we express anger determine if the outcome is positive or negative. 15 Video Lectures and additional print outs.
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