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Online Court Ordered Classes, with Licensed Counselor Support.

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Court ordered Domestic Violence, Anger Management, 
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Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT CAMS-1
Certified Anger Management Specialist
National Anger Management Association

We offer a trusted and reliable program for court ordered anger management online classes, court ordered co-parenting, and court ordered online domestic violence classes at the most competitive prices. This class has been used for court orders, personal improvement or employment reasons.

*One Low Price, No Hidden Fees
*Free Proof of Enrollment
*Free Certificate of Completion
*Prepared by a Licensed Therapist and Anger Specialist
*Unmatched Price and Ease
*Class Is Available to You 24/7- 7 Days a Week
*Trusted anger management expert since 1993
*Designed for Court, Employer or Self Improvement
*Fast Client Service with a real person communicating with you
*No special software or computer skills needed

On completing the course your certificate of completion may be respected by courts nationwide and will be available to you, and sent directly to your email inbox. Certificates are hand created and will be sent as quickly as possible, usually within hours, or at least within two days. However, after your completion of the class and payment, a certified hard copy can be purchased and sent to you by USPS Priority Mail. Mailed certificates usually arrive in 2 to 3 business days. A free email certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the online court ordered anger management course at no cost. 
Our online classes are available 24 hours a day from any computer. Access is instant after registration.  Content is presented in easy to follow text. Print out the lesson if you wish. The quiz is multiple choice and when you pass the quiz you are take to the next lesson. These quizzes are no fail-Take them as many times as you need to pass. 
 If you want a co-parenting, anger management and/or domestic violence program that makes sense and is easy to complete, this is the site for you. Our online court ordered classes can be used for court requirements and for personal growth.

Find out more about how our anger management online and domestic violence online classes work

 Ordered to take an anger management or domestic violence class is difficult enough without taking time away from work, life's obligations or having to take expensive classes. is a completely online program with no traveling, missed time at work, or valuable time with family. Everything you need to take class for anger management or domestic violence is online. You can log in and out as many times as you like from any computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete the class. Affordable and easily completed.

Court Ordered Classes

This course for domestic violence program provides content authored by a licensed mental health counselor with years of experience in treating anger management and abuse. Course content is written with the intent to meet court requirements. We also recommend the domestic violence class for personal growth. We believe in the quality of our program and guarantee that our certificate of completion will be accepted by court jurisdictions that allow online long distance learning or your money back.

Our Domestic Violence and Batterer's Intervention & Prevention Program will help you to rehabilitate and restore your life, helping to bring resolution to the domestic crime committed while allowing you to break the cycle of dysfunctional behavior.  Our Anger Management program will give you tools to change your behavior for a life time.

Courts often order defendants in domestic violence / battery cases to a probation sentence.  Normally, the primary component of the probation is that the defendant enter into a Domestic Violence / Battery Program.  The court usually requires the defendant to submit a "proof of enrollment" to the court and/or probation office within a designated time period.  After you have enrolled in our program, we will offer you a Proof of Enrollment for the Court.  

“is online/distance learning" permitted in your state?

In some cases the court or legal representative of a particular state may disallow distance learning, meaning that the domestic violence class cannot be taken with an online provider. Below is a listing of every state. Click on your state to see about your jurisdiction.

Check your state

Is this the class I am required to take?

There can be a number of different names for a “domestic violence class.” Each names essentially means a class about domestic violence and all have the same requirements. If you have been instructed to take any of the following classes then our domestic violence class may satisfy that requirement:
 Battery class
 Battery intervention program (BIP)
 Batterer’s intervention program (BIP)
 Battering intervention and prevention program (BIPP)
 Violence class
 Violence treatment program (VTP)
 Family violence intervention program (FVIP)
Domestic Violence Class

Each jurisdiction has boundaries around online and/or long distance learning. Our certificates have never been turned away from a court where long distance/online learning is permitted. We believe in the quality of our program and guarantee that our certificate of completion will be accepted by court jurisdictions that allow online long distance learning or your money back. Payment for class will not be refunded for misunderstanding or missing the information about verifying with your court as to accepting online classes, or required time for qualifying for certificate of completion.

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