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 Domestic Violence Class

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Affordable way to meet court requirements.
Authored by Certified Licensed Counselor.
Easy to complete.
Stress free, taken in the privacy of your own home.
24/7 accessible, you set the pace.
Widely accepted by courts and employers.
Free certificate of completion, and free letter of enrollment.
Licensed counselor available for consult and answers to questions.  

Programs authored by Professional  Experienced Licensed Counselor
Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, CAMS

A Trusted Anger Management Provider since 1993
Certified Anger Management Specialist
National Anger Management Association
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California

Authored by a Licensed Therapist and Anger Specialist
with meeting court requirements the goal.
Our online court ordered domestic violence class and court ordered anger management class is nationally recognized
and satisfies court, legal, and employment requirements.

Author's experience and creditials increase credibility with the courts.
Court ordered online classes are designed for Court, Employer or Self Improvement

 "At-home" Domestic Violence and Anger Management Courses
 low-stress, convenient,  private, affordable, with a self-paced environment.

Join the 1000's that have experienced success with these programs.

 *Court Approved with FREE email certificate. 
*No Hidden Fees
*Free Proof of Enrollment
*Easy to complete, you cannot fail this course
*Free Certificate of Completion
*Unmatched quality, relavency, and ease.
*Class Is Available to You 24/7= 7 Days a Week

*Fast Client Service with a real person communicating with you.


Each jurisdiction has boundaries around online and/or long distance learning. Our certificates have never been turned away from a court where online/long distance learning is permitted. Courses for court ordered Domestic Violence provides access to the domestic violence class, an educational program that may be required in the state of California by the court. Our domestic violence class has been written to meet national standards and is recognized by courts that allow distance learning.

This course for domestic violence program provides content authored by a licensed mental health counselor with years of experience in treating anger management and abuse. Course content is written with the intent to meet court requirements. We also recommend the domestic violence class for personal growth. We believe in the quality of our program and guarantee that our certificate of completion will be accepted by court jurisdictions that allow online long distance learning or your money back.
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